Structure / Stature

This aspect of trainability describes the six phases of growth in the human body and links them to the sensitive periods of accelerated adaptation to training.

Stature (individual height) is measured before, during, and after maturation to track the developmental age of the athlete. By tracking developmental age, coaches can identify the sensitive periods for training the 5 basic Ss (stamina, strength, speed, skill and suppleness) and adjust training programs accordingly.

Phases of Growth

Phase 1: Very rapid early growth, followed by rapid and then slow deceleration of growth until age 6.

Phase 2: Steady growth from age 6 until the onset of the growth spurt (GS).

Phase 3: Rapid growth until peak height velocity (PHV).

Phase 4: Rapid deceleration of growth.

Phase 5: Slow deceleration of growth.

Phase 6: Cessation of growth.

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