Periodization involves creating comprehensive training, competition and recovery plans to deliver peak athlete performance at the right time. Scientific research in periodization helps coaches to create logical training plans for athletes at all ages and stages of LTAD.

Simply put, periodization is time management. It outlines all annual and seasonal training within a logical schedule to bring about optimal improvements in athlete performance at the right times, while minimizing injury and burnout. Periodization plans connect the LTAD stage of the athlete with the training and development requirements of that stage.

Periodization breaks training into months, weeks, days and individual sessions. It helps coaches to organize all aspects of volume, intensity, frequency and type of training, competition and recovery programs through long-term and short-term timelines.

Periodization is a highly flexible tool. When it is used in combination with proper training techniques, athlete monitoring and athlete evaluation, it becomes an essential component to deliver optimal sport performance and athlete development at all stages of LTAD.

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