Continuous Improvement - Kaizen

The coaches, athletes, sport scientists, administrators, and policy makers closest to LTAD constantly seek ways to improve and refine it.

We never assume that LTAD in its current form is ever complete or final. We operate from the position that it represents the best practices in coaching and athlete development as they are understood today. 

The concept of continuous improvement, which permeates LTAD, is drawn from the respected Japanese industrial philosophy known as Kaizen. By applying a willingness to always seek improvements in our understanding and practice, LTAD will continuously evolve to accommodate new breakthroughs in sport science research, new innovations in technology, and evolving best practices in coaching. 

By focusing on continuous improvement, we will also ensure that LTAD reflects all emerging facets of physical activity, sport, recreation and education to ensure that it is inclusive of all types of activity.

LTAD promotes ongoing education and sensitization of federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal governments, the mass media, sport and recreation administrators, coaches, sport scientists, parents, and educators about the interlocking relationship between physical education, school sport, community recreation, lifelong physical activity, and high performance sport.