Resources: Ltad Resource Papers

Becoming a CS4L Community

Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) is a movement to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. This resource paper focuses on how to become a CS4L community and helps readers see where their community is at in becoming a CS4L community.

Actively Engaging Women and Girls

The purpose of this resource is to increase awareness about the experiences of women and girls, and provide recommendations to address the psycho-social factors that influence female athlete development.

Becoming a CS4L Community - A Mentor's Guide

What does it mean to be a Canadian Sport for Life Community Mentor? How do we work with communities to help them plan and grow? Because each community is unique, we can't tell you - rather, we ask a series of questions to help you reflect. Explore these questions as you work through the guide.

The Female Athlete Perspective

The development of female athletes needs to be approached differently than that of a male athlete; training programs are not "one size fits all". 

Building Enhanced Collaboration Between Recreation and Sport

The municipal recreation role develops program opportunities for personal growth, ensures programs are affordable and accessible, and addresses any local issues to improve overall quality of life.

Canadian Sport for Life – Long-Term Athlete Development 2.0

This consultation paper describes a 7-stage Canadian framework of LTAD, a training, competition, and recovery program based on developmental age - the maturation level of an individual - rather than chronological age.