Active for Life: What Does it Mean for Sport and Physical Activity?

Clay Melnike, Thomas Jones, Michelle Silver

(Community Sport Councils Ontario)
(Sport for Life Society)
(University of Toronto)

The Active for Life stage of Long-Term Athlete Development represents by far the largest population within the model, however, focus and resources around this stage has been sparse to date. As we shift focus to look into the Active for Life stage, how do we build participants that are Durable such that they remain engaged in sport and physical activity throughout their lifespan, through various activities, sport and continue their physical literacy journey as they age and encounter life factors that impact or challenge their engagement. The trend toward a more physically active population of older adults in Canada (the baby boomers) is creating demand for more sport, recreation and physical activity programs for this growing demographic. This session will outline the characteristics of the Active for Life stage (A4L) and the associated opportunities and challenges for sport and recreation providers, highlighting the emerging Masters Games phenomenon, including an overview of the Games participants, sports, events and the reasons these events, likely the first of many in Canada, are attractive to participants and their families.