Resources: Parents

A Sport Parent's Guide

As parents, we recognize that sports and physical activity play an important role in our children’s healthy growth and development, but recently physical activity has suffered serious decline among Canadian children. 


For many young children, organized sport participation is a key contributor to physical activity levels.  It is important to focus on fun and active play in the early years, rather than on skills mastery and competition. 

The Preschooler Focus is provided by the Child Health & Exercise Medicine Program. For more information, visit


LTAD: Information for Parents

Doing what is best for your child is what LTAD is all about, and Canadian sport is working hard to develop LTAD plans for all sports.

Quality Sport Checklist: Ask your Schools & Coaches

The Quality Sport Checklist provides parents with questions to ask teachers, coaches and caregivers to determine whether their programs provide the tools for kids to develop physical literacy.


Recommendations for Families and Caregivers

Parents, partners, family members and caregivers can support women’s and girls’ involvement in sport and physical activity in a multitude of ways.