Resources: Coaches

Actively Engaging Women and Girls

The purpose of this resource is to increase awareness about the experiences of women and girls, and provide recommendations to address the psycho-social factors that influence female athlete development.

Competition is a Good Servant, but a Poor Master

This discussion paper is not saying competition is bad; however, it is acknowledging that too many competitions can inhibit athlete development. 

Long-Term Coach Development Concept

This paper seeks to initiate the discussion toward the creation of Long-Term Coach Development (LTCD), which, modelled after the LTAD framework, will provide a guide for optimal “coach career pathways”.

Maximizing the Sport Experience for our Children

This article looks at the questions parents should be asking coaches, clubs, and themselves to ensure their child is not only being taught age appropriate technical skills, but also learning and gaining positive values in the process.

Recommendations for Community Program Leaders and Coaches

Community program leaders and coaches can increase the participation of women and girls across the lifespan through the delivery of quality sport and physical activity programs.

Recommendations for High Performance Coaches and Leaders

Coaches and leaders involved with athletes in the Train to Compete and Train to Win stages of LTAD must consider the psycho-social needs of the female athletes to create optimal conditions and systems for athlete success.

Recovery and Regeneration for LTAD

The main role of recovery is to help athletes adapt faster to training. This is done by reducing fatigue so athletes can “bounce back” and be ready for the next session or event.

The Female Athlete Passport

The Female Athlete Passport contains questions that athletes complete to help improve their understanding of factors that influence their training, recovery and competition.  Athletes may find it helpful to track some of these areas to improve their own awareness over time and to make wise choices in support of their journey to excellence. Coaches (or other Integrated Sport Team members) may also benefit from this information to support monitoring the health and wellness of their female athletes and to design effective and safe training programs.

Print and fold into a pamphet. Use 11x17 paper for best results.

The Role of Monitoring Growth in LTAD

This document is intended to help coaches develop and deliver training, competition and recovery programs that are specific to the developmental level of the individual(s) they are coaching.