Resources: Athletes With Disabilities

How is my Sport Doing with LTAD in Paraplympic Disciplines?

Simple stage-based questions designed to allow NSOs to see where they are at in terms of their sport's LTAD.

No Accidental Champions Poster

This supplementary document outlines how the LTAD model applies to athletes with a disability (AWAD) and discusses additional factors to be considered when working with AWADs.

Training Athletes with a Physical Disability

Athletes with a disability pass through the same stages of LTAD as their able bodied peers, and much of the training of their five S's - Strength, Stamina, Suppleness, Speed and Skill is similar to that of other athletes.

No Accidental Champions: LTAD for Athletes with a Disability (2nd Edition)

No Accidental Champions describes some of the opportunities and challenges that face persons with permanent disabilities in pursuing sport and physical activity.