Sport for Life for Recreation Professionals

Consistent with CS4L, recreation providers play an integral role in developing physical literacy in children and youth, as well as promoting lifelong physical activity for all Canadians. 

Because many different institutions, agencies, and groups are involved in delivering sports and physical activity programs, CS4L recommends that recreation, education and sport clubs coordinate their efforts for the greatest welfare of the children in their programs.

In the past, the sport system has been divided into silos of program delivery: recreation, sport clubs, and physical education in schools. It has been expensive and inefficient.

Under the CS4L framework, recreation works together with sport to harmonize programs and create a more effective system for every citizen in Canada.

Potential Strategies for Enhanced Collaboration

Recreation and sport can work together more closely to create seamless delivery of quality sport and physical activity programming. Here are some key areas where the CS4L model can be a guide:

1. Physical Literacy Program Development
2. Municipal Planning and Sport Strategy Development
3. Sport Councils
4. Facility Planning
5. Access and Allocation

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