Fundamental Skills To Child Development

The fundamentals are linked to child development. 

Children need to learn their fundamental movement and sport skills at the right time and in the right order. To build physical literacy, children need to learn the fundamentals according to their stage of physical, mental and emotional development.

Parents and coaches need to remember that learning takes time, and it requires an approach to instruction that respects how children learn and develop physically, mentally and emotionally.

For almost every skill, children must go through a series of developmental stages to master the skill, so timing is important. For example, the following throwing illustration shows the stages in the development of throwing technique.

Parents, coaches and caregivers shouldn’t prematurely push children to perform the skill the way an adult would. Children will naturally progress to the next stage of the skill. How? With minimum coaching and instruction – and lots of repeated practice through fun activities. 

See the right times to learn the fundamentals.