The ABCs: Useful In All Sports

Agility, balance, coordination, and speed are valuable in almost all sports. Developing these ABCs, as well as prediction and interception, is an important part of physical literacy, and can be achieved through involvement in a variety of sports and programs.

Some sports and activities are better at developing one or more of the ABCs than others. The key sports are:

  • Gymnastics allows young children to learn and develop their agility, balance, and coordination.
  • Athletics (track and field) builds speed and coordination.
  • Skating and skiing provide opportunities for the development of balance, coordination and speed.
  • Soccer helps with speed, agility, and coordination.
  • In addition to developing confidence and safety in the water, swimming or Synchro (Aquasquirts) develops balance and coordination.
  • Cycling (or skateboarding or horse riding) develops balance and the judgment of speed.

Prediction and interception, skills particularly necessary in stick, bat and racquet sports, round out the physical literacy requirements.

Various options exist for children in regards to sports and activities. But only school physical education programs provide the chance for every Canadian child to lean physical literacy. Parents and care-givers need to be proactive in finding appropriate options for their children.

Fortunately, there is a national move for sports to cooperate on the introduction of children to “clusters” of sports.

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