CS4L Organization

CS4L is unique in its approach to promoting this vast cultural and organizational change: it is led by an “un-organization” of experts from sport, health, recreation, government and academia who are employed independently of CS4L yet work cooperatively to promote its goals.  There is no incorporated entity known as CS4L, and there are no presidents, CEOs or secretaries. 

Though CS4L has no formal organization or hierarchy, the movement still has leadership. CS4L was led until 2011 primarily through the work of six members of the LTAD Expert Group. In 2011, the creation of the 17-member CS4L Leadership Team reflected the need to provide additional support to sport organizations and related stakeholders across Canada as they move forward with CS4L and LTAD implementation. 

The CS4L movement was led since 2005 primarily by the LTAD Expert Group composed of Richard Way, Istvan Balyi, Dr. Colin Higgs, Charles Cardinal, Dr. Steve Norris and Dr. Mary Bluechardt.  In the creation of the CS4L Leadership Team, the LTAD Expert Group members have been joined by Ian Bird, Debra Gassewitz, Christian Hrab, Dr. Vicki Harber, Paul Jurbala, Andre Lachance, Dr. David Legg, Mike MacKay, Dr. James Mandigo, Brian Rahill, Carolyn Trono, and Mark Vulliamy.

From its beginning in 2005, the CS4L un-organization has been supported by Sport Canada. Their financial contribution combined with the guidance of Dan Smith, Lane McAdam, Carol Malcolm-O’Grady and Francis Drouin has been foundational to the CS4L movement’s success.

The diverse membership of the CS4L Leadership Team provides a broad range of experience from national sport organizations, post-secondary education, recreation, and various levels of government.  A primary activity of the Team is to provide consultation and guidance to a wide variety of sport system stakeholders across Canada, including sport organizations, education, recreation and health. The Team teleconferences and meets at regular intervals during the year to conduct strategy planning and information sharing for the promotion of CS4L and LTAD.  

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