Promising Practices in Health Promotion

  • Active Ottawa - An Ottawa-based cross-sectoral coalition that promotes physical activity and healthy eating through a partner network. This collaborative network aims to impact the health and wellness of Ottawa residents through a variety of initiatives reaching all ages.
  • Changing Minds Changing Lives Programs - An initiative from the Canadian Paralympic Committee, and active across Canada, this seminar series is an educational program taught by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals as well as key influencers in the lives of Canadians with disabilities.

  • Ever Active Schools - An Alberta initiative linking Health with the Education sector. Its mission is to facilitate the development of healthy children and youth by fostering social and physical environments that support healthy, active school communities.
  • High Five® - Comprehensive quality standard for children’s sport and recreation programs. High Five has programs that are a sustainable standard and aligned with the principles of the Recreation sector. Through expanding its model to align with the Health sector, High Five is a promising avenue to strengthen cross-sectoral overlap and collaboration.

  • Healthy Families BC - A comprehensive health-promotion program aiming to help families make healthy choices and to introduce innovative approaches to challenges facing the healthcare system. This initiative includes the Prescription for Health program to help doctors in the province conduct medical assessments and work with patients to develop personalized health promotion and illness prevention plans.
  • Our Health Our Future - A Federal Government initiative that aims to open a national dialogue on healthy weights.

  • OSPAPPH & PRO Collaboration - Collaboration between the Ontario Society of Physical Activity Promoters in Public Health (OSPAPPH) and Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO) is an example of an existing partnership between the Health and Recreation sectors.