Physical Literacy During the FUNdamental Stage

The FUNdamental stage is when the foundations of many advanced skills are established. Skill development at this age is best achieved through unstructured play in a safe and challenging environment combined with quality instruction.

Age: Boys 6-9, Girls 6-8

Activities during this stage should be well structured, positive and FUN, and should concentrate on developing the ABCs – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. It is important that children take part in a wide range of sports.

All children, including those with a disability, should master fundamental movement skills before sport specific skills are introduced.

This is the time when children should learn to “read” the movements going on around them and make sound decisions during games. Involve them in a number of different sports several times a week. Introduce them to simple rules and ethics as well as basic tactics and decision-making. Appropriate equipment makes the experience safer and more enjoyable.

Continue encouraging children to engage in unstructured physical activity without concern for score. If possible, enrol them in multi-sport programs that offer a variety of activities. Developing all-round athletes at this age is key. Advocate for quality physical education programs in schools.

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