Creating a Legacy: Pioneers of the CS4L Community Connections Project (Lea Norris)

Mercredi, 6 Mai, 2015

Find local champions. Partnerships are key. Engage the community throughout. These are just a few words of wisdom shared by the Abbotsford, BC Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) Champions as they reflect on their McConnell/Community Connections project.

You can’t start them too young...(Paul Jurbala)

Mercredi, 25 Février, 2015

This is a true story. It happened to a friend of a friend of mine.



(PSO): "Hello? (Province) Volleyball Association. How can I help you?"

(Caller): “Hi there. I’m calling to complain about one of your clubs."

(PSO): “I’m sorry to hear that…what is the problem?"

Implementing Canadian Sport for Life at Oakville Soccer Club (Paul Varian)

Mercredi, 7 Janvier, 2015

It's funny; the movement of athlete development to Canadian Sport For Life (CS4L)-driven pathways is being touted by some as change management of the highest order. But is it really that difficult? Is the head-shaking fear of this change genuinely worthy or just fear-mongering from people who simply don't want it?

Socialization through Sport (Dr. David Legg and Eli A. Wolff)

Lundi, 5 Janvier, 2015

A couple of months ago I had the good fortune to speak at a conference organized by Inclusive Sport in Society in Incheon, Korea as part of the 2014 Para Asia Games.

Engagement with Alignment in Mind: The Alberta CS4L Coordinator Project (Dr. Vicki Harber)

Mercredi, 3 Décembre, 2014

Vicki Harber (R) with Chandra CrawfordWhen I was appointed Alberta CS4L Coordinator earlier this year, the aim of this new position was to create an effective communications network and to map physical literacy and athlete development within the province.

Sport Policies Leading to International Sporting Success (SPLISS) [Dr. David Legg]

Lundi, 3 Novembre, 2014

International sporting success has many outcomes, which I would argue are beneficial and far reaching. Governments seem to agree with what appears to be a continuing and increasing “arms race” with the hopes of further medals. As but one example on October 11, 2014, Russia announced a new federal funding program worth RUB70 billion ($1.8 billion) to further develop physical education and sports.

CS4L Leaders’ School – What's Happening? (Paul Jurbala)

Jeudi, 25 Septembre, 2014

Now in its second year, the CS4L Leaders’ School (CLS) is gaining prominence as an incubator for exciting community LTAD and physical literacy projects.

Community Sport: A Competition of Ideologies (Paul Jurbala)

Jeudi, 21 Aout, 2014

We don’t think or talk enough about community sport, but it’s one of the most prominent examples of social cohesion and social engagement in Canadian life.