ECE & Preschool

Early childhood is the time to get active.

Childcare providers and Early Childhood Educators work with children during one of the most critical periods of development. Toddlers and preschool children are developing the neurological structures and emotional responses that will shape a lifetime of physical activity.

Movement is the child’s first language.  Early exposure to fundamental movement skills is essential as they form the first building blocks of physical literacy. It’s critical to give children an active start through fun play and a variety of movement activities. 

Physical activity is essential to developing each child’s:

  • Body 
  • Mind
  • Emotions

It’s not enough to hope that children will discover activity by themselves. Parents need to model activity for their children, and they must participate in the activity with them. Childcare providers and early childhood educators play a similar role. 

Childcare providers and teachers need to lead children in playful physical activities that help to fulfill their needs for daily and weekly physical activity. Structured and unstructured activities are equally important. 

Accordingly, institutions that train caregivers and early childhood educators need to develop and deliver curricula and tools that support teaching age-appropriate physical activity and underline its importance.