Resources: 2010 Cs4L Workshop Presentations

Addressing the Needs of Children with a Disability in the School Setting

(Dr. Mary Bluechardt & Dr. Meghann Lloyd)
For many children with disability the opportunity to participate in important activities are constrained, in part, because they do not have the requisite motor skills to perform competently and confidently and thus do not pursue opportunities to participate. This presentation outlines PHE Canada’s FMS resources that support the development of physical literacy skills targeted to children with a disability.

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AIM 2 WIN - Long Term Skier Development Model - An Evolution

(Peter Goodman)
This presentation will discuss the positives and challenges of the original 1998 version of AIM (Alpine Integration Model) – 1998; changes in AIM 2 WIN version 2007/2008; program implementation of the AIM 2 WIN principles and benchmarks as well as current challenges.

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Basketball - The Latest

(Mike MacKay)
An overview of the recent developments and implementations in the sport of basketball in regards to CS4L. Best practices will be shared from across the country that involve PS/TO's and education.

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Bringing CS4L to Life in a Northern Community

(Kristen Harrott)
From childhood into adulthood there should be a place for everyone in the community to build a strong foundation of sport skills that also translate into daily life activities. Be the community organization to take the lead! See what a northern community multi-sport organization has learned, who they have partnered with and the benefits of designing and marketing programs aligned with CS4L stages.

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Closing the Knowledge Gap: A Practical Example of how Practitioners and Academics can Collaborate to Generate Increased Understanding and More Robust Results

(Dr. Julie Stevens, Dina Bell-Laroche & Patti Millar)
This practical session will have speakers share how they collaborated to increase the impact and effectiveness of a national Risk Management Project (RMP). Five NSOs are participating in Phase 2 of the RMP and will benefit from a comprehensive evaluation model to better understand the effectiveness of the risk management process. The presenters will draw upon examples from the RMP to engage participants in a dialogue on how the sport community can continue to make links between academia and administrators in order to broaden and build understanding and results.

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Competition - Battling On

(Richard Way)

National sport organizations (NSOs) continue to review, revise and refine their competition structures. As they work through the process the questions to be asked become clearer and solutions emerge. Richard will review the answers being found by the champions.

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