People with disabilities can be athletes, too.

Opportunities for Athletes with Disabilities

As innovations in sports and physical activities grow, so too do the recreational and competitive opportunities for persons with disabilities. Some people were born with a congenital disability while others acquired theirs later in life. Regardless, all Canadians who pursue sport and physical activity deserve a pathway to help them achieve their goals.

Drivers for Change

Canada has achieved outstanding success in Paralympic sport, Special Olympics, Deaflympics, and other sports for athletes with disabilities. But some limitations still exist. And as our current athletes age, Canada's pool of high-performance athletes is getting smaller.

By creating an LTAD pathway for athletes with disabilities, we can help ensure the longevity of sport and activity for all Canadians with disabilities.

Carrying the Torch

CS4L encourages and helps implement ways in which organizations can take action to enhance sport in Canada. National Sport Organizations (NSOs) and Disability Sport Organizations (DSOs) can ensure program success by incorporating LTAD principles. The Canadian sport system at large also benefits when these organizations collaborate and share their expertise with participants and stakeholders.

Learn about LTAD stages for athletes with disabilities.