LTAD Stages

Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) provides a clear path of developmental stages to help persons with disabilities pursue their goals in sport and physical activity. Through LTAD, Canadians with disabilities can train to achieve excellence in high performance sport, or they can choose to pursue healthy lifelong physical activity.

LTAD provides a road map to both sport success and long-term health for Canadians with disabilities. It addresses a series of developmental stages as they mature to adulthood. Each stage affects the physical, mental, cognitive and emotional capacities of the individual.

There are seven basic LTAD stages that apply to all Canadians, and two extra stages for persons with disabilities

Stage 1: Active Start
Stage 2: FUNdamentals
Stage 3: Learn to Train
Stage 4: Train to Train
Stage 5: Train to Compete
Stage 6: Train to Win
Stage 7: Active for Life
Extra Stage: Awareness
Extra Stage: First Involvement

The first three stages are intended for all Canadians, so that everyone can develop physical literacy. The Active for Life stage is also for all Canadians, so that everyone can pursue healthy lifelong activity regardless of their sporting ambitions.

Physical literacy provides the foundation to become active for life. It is also the prerequisite for high performance training and competition. Athletes who choose to pursue high performance sport will follow the full seven-stage pathway. 

See the LTAD stages chart for Athletes with Disabilities.