Sport for Life for Athletes with Disabilities

According to Statistics Canada, approximately 14% of Canadians have a sensory, intellectual or physical disability. Whether their aims are recreational or competitive, persons with disabilities deserve to have access to quality sport and physical activity programs.

Persons with permanent disabilities experience opportunities and challenges in pursuing sport and physical activity. CS4L and LTAD show us how we can accommodate their needs for increased activity and greater achievement.

Everyone should have the opportunities to learn sport skills and become active for life, whether they choose to pursue competition or not. For this reason, almost all of the principles behind Canada’s LTAD model for able-bodied athletes are applicable to athletes with disabilities.

Athletes, coaches, parents, administrators, and health professionals need to consider additional factors in the delivery of sport and physical activity so that athletes with disabilities can follow a high-performance pathway or simply maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Learn about opportunities for athletes with disabilities.