Activity Milestones - The First Three Years

Parents and caregivers often want to know timeframes for children’s physical development. Consider the normal ranges as opposed to average ages, and only concern yourself if the child is late in all or most skills. There are no advantageous or disadvantageous to being an early or late developer.

For those who are curious where children “should” be in terms of development, there’s a movement skill milestone chart. Since children have their own developmental time-table, normal range is much more important than average age. Only be concerned if children are beyond 90% of the normal range in most skills.

Boys and girls differ as to when they perform certain skills. The chart outlines normal ranges for both. Being early or late doesn’t matter – children’s bodies perform skills when they’re ready.

Parents and caregivers are responsible for providing a safe and stimulating environment for children to explore their movement potential. Encourage kids as they try new things.

Use the chart to see if children are learning normal, age-appropriate skills for early childhood. The skills should be self-explanatory, and remember that “throw” and “kick” are basic.

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