Activating CS4L in Ontario Project

With the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, a collaborative of six organizations (Canadian Sport for Life, Ontario Volleyball Association, Basketball Ontario, Ontario Soccer Association, Toronto Sport Council, and Centre for Sport Capacity at Brock University) will be working to Activate Canadian Sport for Life in Ontario.

To accomplish this among Ontario’s approximately 7,500 community sport clubs, we need to create a community of champions to lead change. We will start with a small coalition of Ontario organizations who are “early adopters” of CS4L, then assist those groups to form horizontal and vertical alliances to foster innovative CS4L development at the community level. Between November 2011 and October 2014, we will:

  1. Build capacity for CS4L in Ontario: champions, resources and leadership.
  2. Engage identified community sport organizations to facilitate CS4L-LTAD integration.
  3. Seed and grow the CS4L movement in Ontario, and research, test and evaluate to learn how to activate CS4L in other communities and provinces.

Project Updates

  1. How Long Does Change Take (CS4L Blog - Oct 15, 2012)
  2. Canadian Sport for Life Leaders School (Oct 15, 2012)
  3. LTAD Champions: Waiting for Reinforcements (CS4L Blog - Nov 5, 2012)
  4. Sport CLubs, LTAD and the "Club Triad" - Learning from the Activating CS4L in Ontario Project (CS4L Blog - August 6, 2013)

For more information, contact:

Paul Jurbala
Activating Ontario Project Lead 
CS4L Leadership Team